Eco Modular Solutions Soluções Modulares à sua Medida
The modular homes are increasingly part of the most demanding customer choice. With the evolution, their utilities diffuse beyond the usual, allowing there is a wide offer of modular buildings for various purposes, such as the Office case, Bars, Restaurants, Administrative buildings, permanent Rooms or tourism, among others .
Realizing the opportunities in this business area, the InovModular made a strong commitment to developing innovative products tailored to meet the requirements of the most discerning customers, approaching this way the wishes of consumers. Modular homes marketed by InovModular are the ideal solution for a first or second home, and can also adapt to your business. Ensuring quick assembly, based on sustainable and economic construction processes, it is an asset that must be taken into account. 
The InovModular was developed for the customers. Starting from concepts such as mobility, sustainability and adaptability, began during the year 2012 a complex process of development. This resulted in a project that seeks to satisfy every customer through every stage of your life. Unlike other companies, InovModular does not sell a single product, we offer solutions. These are designed to satisfy the most demanding customers, with different thermal and acoustic behavior and concern for the environment. T1 can now purchase a solution 72m2 and in the future increasing its habittação a simple and practical manner. With the inclusion of two modules each 18m2, the initial solution T1, T3 quickly becomes a solution 108m2.
Home Solutions
Constitution: 3 Módulos
Área: 54 m2
Constitution: 4 Módulos
Área: 72 m2
Constitution: 5 Módulos
Área: 90 m2
Constitution: 6 Módulos
Área: 108 m2
Constitution: 7 Módulos
Área: 126 m2
Constitution: 8 Módulos
Área: 144 m2
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